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North CT Locksmith Store North , CT 203-491-4735Often when locks face some issues, many locksmiths would recommend a complete replacement of your locks. But did you know your locks may function just as well with rekeying? It is a far economical solution and your locks become as good as new locks.

Rekeying locks is a process by which the internal configurations of a lock are changed completely. The old key would no longer work with it and the rekeyed lock would need a new set of keys to open it. This process takes lesser time, involves low costs and provides the same level of security as new locks.

Types of rekeying locks services

North CT Locksmith Store offers a wide array of locksmith services to home, office and vehicle owners in area. No matter what kind of locks you have, our experts can rekey them and provide enhanced security to your property. Rekeying is something that an unskilled mechanic will not be able to do. Chances are most of them are not even aware of the process. The specialized task necessitates certain skills and state-of-the-art tools that only professional technicians would possess.

When should you get the residential locks rekeyed?

When to opt for rekeying locks is often the query of several homeowners. As per experts, you can consider rekeying when you move in to a new residence. The old tenant and many others may still have the keys to the old locks and you would do well to rekey the locks so that the old keys do not work with these locks anymore. Rekeying would offer maximum security to you and your valuables. Apart from this, if your home locks are acting up, you can opt for rekeying instead of a complete replacement.

When do commercial spaces need rekeying?

When you have fired an employee who is still in possession of your office keys, it is a wise idea to rekey locks. This will ensure that the fired employee doesn’t do any mischief to get back at you.

North CT Locksmith Store is a reputed lock service provider in North . With over a decade of experience, our lockmasters are adept at handling rekeying of all kinds of locks. If you need emergency rekeying locks services, our lock experts can reach you in less than 30 minutes and rekey your locks right on spot.

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