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If you are sharing an office building with multiple businesses or if your office building is near a busy street, then you should definitely consider improving or reassessing the locking systems currently in place in your business premises. North CT Locksmith Store provides tailor-made solutions based on your business requirements and the surrounding areas. We have helped countless businesses with day to day locksmith solutions as well as emergency solutions in case of occasional lockouts. Our clientele includes big shopping complexes, banks, restaurants, cafes, assisted living facilities and more. You can also join our list of clients; we are just a phone call away.

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  • 24/7 commercial locksmith support 
  • Dedicated team for handling commercial clients
  • Mobile locksmith units for quick service anywhere in North
  • Multilayered locking solutions for maximum security
  • On-the-spot locksmith services
  • Best response to commercial lockouts
  • Consultation and recommendations to make the business more secure
  • Cost-effective and reliable locksmith solutions

Our team of specialized commercial locksmiths has been working with our clients for years. They provide around the clock support so that they there is not even an hour’s delay in case of a commercial lockout. Most businesses that we serve need maximum level of security that comes from advanced locks and high-security locking mechanisms. We never fail to deliver to our commercial clients, as being a business establishment ourselves, we know how important is the safety of a business.

Over the years we have provided numerous services to our commercial clients. Some of them are listed below:

Emergency opening and unlock

Due to an employee negligence or a lost key, you can be locked out of your own office. A lockout of any length can be damaging for the business as it may hamper day to day work as well as damage the reputation of the business. For quick solutions, call us and we will reach you in minutes even if you are located in the farthest corner of the city. We will try our best to make sure that there is no or negligible loss to the business due to the lockout.

Lock change or repairs

Buildings that are frequented by customers, should be constantly monitored for any lock damage possible because of daily use. Such businesses should hire a locksmith service that will make periodic checks and repair or replace locks that have damaged due to constant wear and tear. North CT Locksmith Store provides affordable lock installation and cost-effective maintenance services for all kinds of buildings and locks.

Safe/ File cabinet locks

Having top grade locks in place for file cabinets makes sure that the important data of your company doesn’t reach the hands of unwanted sources. We provide top quality file cabinet locks that will protect your files and documents from external as well as internal threats.

Emergency exit locks

Businesses have to make sure that they have the required emergency exit locks in place. Not only do they avoid paying penalties this way, but it also ensures the safety of their employees and customers. We provide installation as well maintenance of emergency exit locks such as push bars and panic locks for your office buildings.

Advanced locks

The biggest advantage that advanced locks like digital locks, keypad locks and keyless entry locks offer is the zero possibility of duplication. Since they can be operated without a key, your employees don’t have to carry access cards or keys with them. The employer controls who gets access to which part of the building.

Master key

Master key and sub-master key systems can be used for restricted access and can be determined by the owner. You may want to protect certain parts of your business, even from some of your employees. You can install master key systems in your establishment for this purpose. You can get in touch with us to know more about how master key systems work.

You can get in touch with us for 24/7 support and best in class commercial locksmith services @ 203-491-4735.