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North CT Locksmith Store North , CT 203-491-4735Locks are an integral aspect of everyday living. They keep us safe and secure. However, these devices may sometimes become a cause of worry when they act up. So, what do you at such moments?

It can be downright frustrating if your lock gets jammed, or if you have misplaced your keys, or if you are facing a door unlock issue. While it is quite normal to panic, it will help to keep a cool head and contact a lock smith instead.

If you live in North and are facing issues with your lock and key, North CT Locksmith Store is the best name to turn to. The next time you are locked out, contact us for seamless services.

Where to find the right locksmith in the area?

Lock smiths today are widely available. However, not all of them offer professional services. Nor are they to be trusted with your sensitive security matters. You need someone who is well experienced in locksmithing and is a reputed service provider. This is the best way to avoid unscrupulous people from trying to fix your property security and compromising it in the process.

If you are looking for reliable lock smith services, North CT Locksmith Store is the most trustworthy name in area. We have been operating in for more than ten years and are a name for our impeccable services.

What is distinctive about us?


Over the years, our customers have known us as the dependable firm that delivers on its promises. We respond fast and offer high quality services at pocket friendly prices.

24/7 services:

Locksmith issues can happen any time. At North CT Locksmith Store we understand this and work round the clock to offer assistance to our customers.


We have only trained and skilled professionals on board. We hire them through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure only the best quality services to our customers.

Mobile locksmith vehicles:

At North CT Locksmith Store we have a fleet of locksmith vans that are well stocked with cutting edge tools and security products. This enables our technicians to provide fast and efficient services.

Often many property owners hire amateurs to do the job in a bid to save costs. However, what they don’t realize is that this can actually end up costing more than hiring an expert technician. The unskilled technicians may not only cause damage to your property, but may also harm the security system, which in turn can lead you to spend more money on your locks.

Looking for expert lock smith services in and around North ? Call us at 203-491-4735 today.